mit John Patterson und Andres Batista


mit Carlos Bonell


mit Luis Maravilla

Lectures / Workshops (in English or German):

  • Forgotten Spanish guitarists between Dionisio Aguado and Francisco Tárrega
    (lecture with audio examples)
  • Flamenco playing techniques for classical guitarists and how to use them in the classical repertoire.
    In this lecture / workshop Detlev demonstrates the different playing techniques of the Flamenco guitar and also discusses problems of interpretation concerning the classical repertoire, showing various possibilities of solving problems.
  • A Century of Guitar Recording – Classical Guitar and Flamenco Guitar
    (lecture with audio examples)

Apart from his artistic and pedagogical work, Detlev Bork is also active as a musicologist. He is a regular contributor to various music magazines such as “Stereoplay”, “Classical Guitar” or “Ensemble”. He also writes guitar related articles for the revised edition of the MGG (Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart) which is the world largest classical music encyclopaedia.

Moreover, he owns one of the world’s largest classical and flamenco guitar recording archives (78rpm, LP, MC, EP, CD), and is consulted regularly by different international archives and institutions.